Sunday nights at LOW 302, Crown St Surry Hills – The John Leigh Calder Quartet

Thursday nights at PINK SALT, Cross St Double Bay – Trio

Monthly gigs @ Jazushi – Surry Hills, Opera Bar – Sydney,  The Sheaf – Double Bay

*Recent review by OLDBLUESMAN “The whole night seemed like an endless meditation, as if I’d opened up a direct channel to my soul, and the band had plugged right into it. Every note played hit me at an emotional and physical level. They played a slow blues, I almost wept, followed by a blazing fast version of Caravan which exhausted me physically, chased by a ballad which gave me time to recover, then i was knocked out again, the whole night went on like this. I spent the rest of the weekend trying to comprehend what had just happened, eventually giving up reasoning that it was something my rational mind could never understand”